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Naturalization of Dandelion

​( Transplantation of the West )

Dandelions, Taraxacum officinale as its scientific name, were brought into Japan by the hands of human.  The series titled "Naturalization of Dandelion" is derived from the similarity of dandelion and marble stone. Dandelion distribution is believed to be an indicator of urbanization, similar to marble distribution is used for building, when they diffused throughout the world by trading, it has been considered as an indicator of the remnants of ancient Roman history.  The plants, and design using marble, have both produced a new species of a complex mix by cross between exotic species and native species.  

Wood pillars and marble pillars looks as if they are spliced using a "joint ", which is the traditional method of Japan carpenter artificially in this series.  Marble columns that decorated the fluting are reminiscent of the influence of Western architecture, and it is an approach for re-evaluating the hybrid values having the feeling strange caused by fusing things of different roots.

アンカー 1

ART STAY ” maison Fuwari ” Fuwari no mori International Artist In Residence Narita Japan

​( 西洋移植 )




Naturalization of Dandelion
アンカー 2
Naturalization of Dandelion
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